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This is an aggregation of 'Show HN:' Hacker News posts scraped from the new stories feed every couple minutes. By Ben Wasser.

How I won a NASA competition, part 1
Posted by franciscop - comments

VUE – Mobile Analytics Your Entire Team Can Use
Posted by blaurenceclark - comments

Finish your social sharing for the week in 2 mins
Posted by stevephillips - comments

Flock – Daily standups for remote teams
Posted by mmattax - comments

Stockfuse – Virtual Stock Trading with Real Cash Prizes
Posted by mccormacksean - comments

Vamo – Flight search for the traveling salesman
Posted by aristeinberg - comments

Ethereum Terminal CLI
Posted by jrbedard - comments

TyphonRT Video Suite, Next-gen Video Apps for Android
Posted by MichaelEGR - comments

Trace – Simple modular performance analysis tool
Posted by cyrusand - comments

Vulcand – Proxy for microservices and API
Posted by alexk - comments

Code South Labs, Mississippi's first coding school
Posted by dabit3 - comments

CouponHunt – Curated Coupons from Your Favorite Retailers
Posted by oisin - comments

Your app's reviews delivered daily to your inbox
Posted by gozmike - comments

Throwaway checklists with Checkadoo
Posted by harel - comments

My first commercially released software. Liquid physics for Unity3d
Posted by everyone - comments

Printchomp API
Posted by jpuopolo1 - comments – Showcase your modules/themes without the hassle
Posted by cx42net - comments

Destiny-Client – A Simple Client to Bungie's Destiny API
Posted by waltfy - comments – A talent matching service for developers in Startups
Posted by GordyMD - comments

Yanado – Task Management Inside Gmail Is Fullscreen Now
Posted by mojsilo - comments

iKibble iOS app – know what your dog can eat
Posted by jtsay - comments

Migeran: Create iOS Apps in Java or Port Existing Android Apps to iOS
Posted by kisg - comments

Simple_attrs – my first published ruby gem
Posted by jgdreyes - comments

Craigslist Hacked?
Posted by ValG - comments – Text-based task and project organization
Posted by jmeistrich - comments

CheckLeads – Create checklists you can embed and generate leads from
Posted by vinayp10 - comments

iOS App Features 12 Turntables and a Microphone
Posted by krisgraff - comments

Yet another code injection library for OS X
Posted by ololoev - comments

Random Present Finder
Posted by c23gooey - comments

ActionStreetMap: Build a gaming environment of your own city in Unity3d
Posted by eiskalt - comments

A Social Media Aggregator Using GingkoApp
Posted by clarkrinker - comments

Posted by peterlk - comments

Video Game Gems
Posted by vgg - comments

Ruby Meetup Resources
Posted by patrickdavey - comments

Curated list of engineering blogs
Posted by sumodirjo - comments

Split Optimizer – Affordable visual A/B testing tool
Posted by jpancik - comments

Nectar Framework
Posted by bswuft - comments

Yes Chef keeps food off your phone/keyboard when you're cooking
Posted by ghiculescu - comments

Common web dev tools in a box
Posted by conradk - comments

Alternative to AutoLayout, do layout in code instead of storyboard
Posted by shuoli84 - comments

ImageS3 – An image hosting service for developers
Posted by stevesun21 - comments

Cvpipe – Premium CV Designer
Posted by nil_xyz - comments

Tinder Simulator (Parody/Joke site)
Posted by benbristow - comments

Girih pattern editor
Posted by baumgarn - comments distributed anonymous web/HTTP proxy and VPN
Posted by alexS - comments

Gifify ultimate video GIF command line
Posted by vvoyer - comments

Handbook of a Modern Entrepreneur
Posted by zeynalov - comments

Common front-end dev tools in a Docker container
Posted by conradk - comments

From Quartz OS to Quantum OS in 24 Hours?
Posted by tronium - comments

I wrote about how to build a killer app, and I'd love your feedback
Posted by edrex1 - comments

Press spacebar to interact with a website
Posted by nicolagreco - comments

Record camera snapshots securely to the cloud using HTML5/WSS
Posted by dropfrog - comments

Exoplanet Birthdays
Posted by paulfitz - comments

Tombstone-py: A python module to help you remove dead code
Posted by SatyajitSarangi - comments

AlphaTracker – Reddit for Stocks
Posted by jatinshah - comments

Kiss-angular-seed – promoting bad practices in software engineering
Posted by blubbi2 - comments

Our weekend project – isexdb
Posted by throw_away_isex - comments

Prophet – A financial microframework in python
Posted by Emsu - comments

Shopiant – Unlimited Shopify support from $79
Posted by socialintents - comments

I am selling real estate CRM software on eBay
Posted by zeeshanm - comments

TrueJob – OkCupid for Jobs
Posted by eggbrain - comments

Small Fish a Business Intelligence Ocean
Posted by larsf - comments – Automated SDK Generation for REST API
Posted by wing328hk - comments

Soft Landings: sell your company or arrange an acqui-hire
Posted by twelvedigits - comments

Enterprise company search engine for product outreach/sales
Posted by dinkman - comments

Startup tools for 'x'
Posted by cjbarber - comments

Premium Medical Marijuana Subscription (SF Only)
Posted by dpieri - comments

Endorfyn: Everything You Like
Posted by kgrin - comments

Detailed airport info
Posted by albumedia - comments

BuzzHN – modern alternative of `Show HN`
Posted by mobily - comments

Pretty-lazy – Don't feel guilty for using custom tag names
Posted by blubbi2 - comments

InstaKult – Trending YouTube videos in 4 languages
Posted by lesvizit - comments

Gigster- Hire a contract developer in 5 minutes
Posted by levlandau - comments

Indie Game Portal
Posted by nergal - comments

GeoTappy – Location sharing inside the ios notification center
Posted by d-32 - comments

Intro – Easiest way to intro yourself. Killing the business card. (iOS)
Posted by blaurenceclark - comments

Password Voyeur
Posted by morninj - comments

KNear – JavaScript implementation of k nearest neighbors algorithm
Posted by nepstein - comments

Gmelius for Inbox by Gmail (Beta)
Posted by xpressyoo - comments

Cakey (safe way for kids to watch YouTube)
Posted by jhong - comments

Nomic, a program in which changing its own code is its primary function
Posted by mappum - comments

Bash Keyboard Shortcuts Stickers
Posted by flipstewart - comments

Disco Fingers – Easily create funny beats
Posted by dagvonkr - comments

Emoji Master – Fast-paced iOS typing game using emoji keyboard
Posted by runningroot - comments

GRVNT – Frictionless Newsletters for Museums, Artists and Startups
Posted by sogen - comments

Droidicon – 1600+ customizable icons for Android
Posted by peter637 - comments

Submarine Customer Analytics
Posted by illdave - comments

Learn.Onevest, peer-to-peer learning for startups and investors
Posted by acremades - comments

Nested selective sync comes to Google Drive
Posted by rjaldo19 - comments

Dogemon – Players battle and sell creations through cryptocurrency
Posted by jamessteininger - comments

Health Tech Digest – Hacker News for Health
Posted by 20Signals - comments

Army of Mushrooms: 90's style
Posted by pawurb - comments

ReverseGeo – Get Location via Google Maps API
Posted by yla92 - comments

Juicy – Share Without Worries
Posted by bvallelunga - comments

Drop-in Replacement for Firebase on Android/Java (built with Meteor)
Posted by whatts - comments

Gage- Validate your ideas with user feedback
Posted by waveney - comments

Snorse – Convert text to morse code written using unicode snowmen
Posted by pipermerriam - comments Delivers Showroom-quality Luxury Mattresses to Your Doorstep
Posted by mhaye004 - comments

Visualizing London Tubemap with Zooming in D3.js
Posted by nicolagreco - comments

A very small curated collection of startup tools
Posted by cjbarber - comments