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This is an aggregation of 'Show HN:' Hacker News posts scraped from the new stories feed every couple minutes. By Ben Wasser.

Vidme API – auth-less video uploads and delivery
Posted by vidme - comments

Replace links with text to improve readability
Posted by elemenofi - comments

Create AWS EC2 snapshots with limits and scheduled intervals
Posted by elibones - comments

Monkeyboard, write Ook programs, or just have fun in iOS 8
Posted by fbeeper - comments

Flownote – Simple Note-Taking Software
Posted by adam_h - comments

Simple REST/JSON Information Exchange Gateway
Posted by erglkjahlkh - comments

How to use a phone without a carrier contract
Posted by YouRoam - comments

SocioLotto (app) Your chance to get your message broadcast to everyone
Posted by plainold - comments

A midterm test on basic SQL for my journalism class
Posted by danso - comments

GifMe – A gif saving app and search engine
Posted by drewdahlman - comments

Akumuli – time-series database
Posted by chaotic-good - comments

Real-time London property app with crowdsourced availability
Posted by ceeK - comments

TwinPics iOS memory game
Posted by nicomage - comments

Next Generation Fantasy Sports App
Posted by xpose2000 - comments

Build activity streams with Rails and
Posted by tbarbugli - comments

Emoji Ipsum
Posted by caffeinewriter - comments

Psychologist.js, RAD VR HTML5 App Framework
Posted by moron4hire - comments

I built a better Yik Yak
Posted by ajm_5338 - comments

AngularJS vs Backbone.js
Posted by daninus14 - comments

TextFile – Android, Dropbox, Notes, Text Editor, Lists, Drafts, .txt
Posted by lifethinkist - comments

Cappio – research stocks without being overwhelmed
Posted by timtamboy63 - comments

Posted by mntmn - comments

Carsten allows you to carst stuff within your network
Posted by Spitfire777 - comments

Hostless Realtime Chat with Google Realtime and NimbusFoundry
Posted by taskstrike - comments

LIV – #LIV in the moment
Posted by cix - comments

Virtual, global space for business ideas
Posted by IdeaSquares_ - comments

Assert.env: one fell swoop loading and asserting settings in node
Posted by busterc - comments

Free Intro Java for Middle-High School
Posted by benktbyte - comments

Umbrella – JavaScript Classes + ANSI C Tools to Build JavaScript Apps
Posted by gdas - comments

Storing my variables online (
Posted by heshamg - comments

Error Correcting Passwords for Memorization of Secrets
Posted by ddworken - comments

Kaishi a script to setup you development environment
Posted by kurenn88 - comments

a 17+ “love” game for iOS that doesn't suck (redeems in comment)
Posted by napolux - comments

AirLoop – Get feedback from customers via SMS
Posted by obaid - comments

Use TravisCI workers to perform dictionary attacks on hashes
Posted by epadillas - comments
Posted by Mizza - comments

Zoetic – Discover cool places by your interests
Posted by rajivm - comments

Stackeo 2.0 is now online
Posted by fabiomartins87 - comments

Exposure – Make your photos unique (iOS)
Posted by EduardoFonseca - comments

Jssembly – Native x86/x64/ARM Assembly via JNI Bridge in Java (POC)
Posted by dvt - comments

RefactorCop – Using Rubocop to analyze open source ruby projects
Posted by mcls - comments

Safely share and compare your Startup Engineer Salary
Posted by interleave - comments

A series of free, online courses to learn full stack web development
Posted by jonhmchan - comments

Embed D3.js charts in emails
Posted by DaneOfKnowtify - comments

Live updates of RESTful resources
Posted by jkarneges - comments, collaborative layer for videos, YouTube and more
Posted by alexisohayon - comments

Carcassonne-Style Board Game with Chinese Lantern Theme
Posted by bendog24 - comments

How to get video preview for your iOS app for only $40
Posted by andykozik - comments

I made an android game with random terrain generation
Posted by JacobPlaster - comments

Callr – a service that connects to your calendar and makes calls
Posted by dotmike - comments

Create a full Ubuntu mirror
Posted by tribaal - comments

PWNUX – a site where I break down successful games' UX
Posted by razgriz94 - comments

A tool for easier Facebook page management
Posted by MartinBLV - comments

Fast Colorz – My Weekend Project (iPhone and iPad Game)
Posted by juanpdelat - comments

TankardApp – Easy two-factor-auth code generation for OS X
Posted by danielhunt - comments

Build a Shopify App in 15 Minutes with Django
Posted by gavinballard - comments

Loopy messenger, a new way of messaging
Posted by shibendu - comments

X86 Assembly Adventures Course
Posted by xorpd - comments

Find newly opened places to check out in your city
Posted by tosbourn - comments

AgriCatch – Data aggregation on Django
Posted by kidsil - comments

OS X tiling window manager plugin for mjolnir
Posted by nathankot - comments

Software that makes your life better
Posted by kamilszybalski - comments

b*famous – rate and post music videos, and get into the top charts
Posted by a3voices - comments

Talentia – We build your freelance talent through ML Algorithms
Posted by kennyfrc - comments

I made a tool that compares your GA stats to the industry standard
Posted by leesfer - comments

A little randomness for the Hacker News front page
Posted by mbrubeck - comments

Self-Service Retargeting for Small Business
Posted by candre717 - comments

Atwood's Law
Posted by gbachik - comments

Open source aggregator for the HOTTEST STARTUP EVENTS in your area
Posted by acpk - comments

Vacancy. Interesting jobs for programmers
Posted by owainlewis - comments

Meteor Based Multiplayer Ultimate Tic Tac Toe
Posted by jmickey - comments

(INDIA) the Tourist Map of Pen Drives on
Posted by important - comments

Improving WhatsApp
Posted by maxkiener - comments

A lightweight planning tool suitable for Kanban/Agile/Scrum
Posted by hermitcrab - comments

Hacker News written in Clojure
Posted by taylorlapeyre - comments

Simple hint – a new and improved CSS-only tooltip
Posted by catc - comments

Interpreter – Translating keyboard for iOS8
Posted by okaris - comments

Point – a Chrome plugin for private sharing and discussion on any website
Posted by abhoopathy - comments

90 Seconds for Snippets in Xcode
Posted by CharlesMerriam2 - comments

A Collaboratively Edited Repository of Evidence for Health Claims
Posted by bevan - comments

New Tees and Hoodies for Developers: BackboneJS-EmberJS-MeteorJS-ZeptoJS
Posted by murada - comments

Sharing economy comes to personal investing, on your iPhone
Posted by wclax04 - comments

How a virtual currency on Slack with Meteor make team rewards cooler
Posted by acemtp - comments

Auto Annotate – Bulk YouTube Annotations Service
Posted by digestm - comments

PolyBrowser, the Panoramic Web Browser, Launches Today
Posted by digitalcreate - comments

Django toolset for game theory and economic strategy games
Posted by oTree - comments

PaintThing – Web based real-time collaborative drawing tool
Posted by gamerdrome - comments

10 Emergence, A-Life, and AI Projects Implemented in JavaScript
Posted by matt1 - comments

Pure HTML Share Buttons
Posted by gschier - comments

HELI – a simple game I made for android and iOS
Posted by opless - comments

A collection of experimental poetry built for the net
Posted by mwvdavidson - comments

Broadsheet – Create and publish responsive pages for free
Posted by soelz - comments

Practicing Rails: Learn Rails without being overwhelmed
Posted by justinweiss - comments

A realtime Bitcoin transaction map visualization
Posted by yang140 - comments – Email PDF invoices + dunning + metrics + widgets for Stripe
Posted by joseacta - comments

Cutlass Wordpress Theme Using Laravel's Blade for Theme Development
Posted by ebilgenius - comments

ListFellas – let's make lists together
Posted by darklow - comments

Social Jukebox-Listening to music with your friends made easy and fun
Posted by radutzp - comments

Pony Foo, high performance open-source blogging platform on Node.js
Posted by bevacqua - comments

WiFi calling using your own phone number on any carrier
Posted by YouRoam - comments