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This is an aggregation of 'Show HN:' Hacker News posts scraped from the new stories feed every couple minutes. By Ben Wasser.

WeatherGIF – The weather, and reactions to it in GIFs
Posted by Rizzo95 - comments

Speed, trajectory, type, and game context of every MLB pitch in 2014
Posted by glaugh - comments

Does Facebook know you better than you know yourself?
Posted by maxkiener - comments

Share your GitHub Identicon
Posted by anildigital - comments

Wake-On-LAN without public IP + port-forwarding
Posted by jeffijoe - comments

BigScreen sends pictures and music from OS X to ChromeCast
Posted by fomojola - comments

After 18 months of work – my first iPhone game
Posted by benolds - comments

Build Tetris in Swift
Posted by choxi - comments

JQuery Plugins For Those Who Don’t Know JavaScript
Posted by tlongren - comments

Markov chains explained visually
Posted by vicapow - comments

Build Tetris in Swift
Posted by choxi - comments

OpenHFT Collections – the fastest Java hash sets and maps ever
Posted by leventov - comments

Java library for scraping a page using annotations
Posted by beothorn - comments

Nutritious meal delivery for bodybuilders
Posted by manojdv - comments

Android's emoji symbols as single PNG images
Posted by marco1 - comments

Trab, Powerful client feedback tools
Posted by Diederik - comments

First US based Bitcoin broker/dealer (save 2% on trades)
Posted by akbar123 - comments

Picsi – My first iOS app (feedback wanted)
Posted by julee04 - comments

Crossly – Competitive crossword puzzles for iOS
Posted by irtemed88 - comments

Intranet you'll actually like
Posted by sanke93 - comments

Find copy/pasted code in a git diff
Posted by artemave - comments

JackPair – encrypt your phone calls
Posted by jeffrey8chang - comments

Swiftris – Learn Swift by Building Tetris
Posted by prasidp - comments

Proud that I designed and coded my first app!
Posted by czahor - comments

Insane Race – my first android game
Posted by mattlondon - comments

Posted by steve_taylor - comments

Clamp – A Mac OS X command line AMP for development
Posted by jidefr - comments

Faux Pas – Holistic error detection for Xcode projects
Posted by hasseg - comments

IBM's take at enterprise-class JS/AMD-based Web Components
Posted by humpt - comments

Cool Old Term
Posted by JIghtuse - comments

Blackline – The Bike of The Future
Posted by craze3 - comments

Appsites – Beautiful websites for mobile apps in minutes
Posted by ryanmerket - comments

Draftalyzer – iOS Fantasy Football Draft app
Posted by sfalbo - comments

Fourchette – isolated testing environments on Heroku for pull requests
Posted by fredsters_s - comments

Recover bouncing visitors with special offers
Posted by kristapsmors - comments

Spam-me: Follow all members of a GitHub Org
Posted by blubbi2 - comments

iPad point of sale built in Ember.js
Posted by zackangelo - comments

CutSpel – English spelling reform in your browser
Posted by danieltillett - comments

Tmux copycat plugin enables regex search in tmux
Posted by brunosutic - comments

Remote controlled webcam by chat (Pi and errbot)
Posted by gbin - comments

With one photo only, turn you into a 3D avatar
Posted by syshen - comments

Directory of mashups
Posted by abava - comments

Real-time collaborative editing plugin for IntelliJ
Posted by ggreer - comments

Pullquoter, Node/CLI tool to grab interesting sentences from an article
Posted by ageitgey - comments

Ly domain backorders and auctions
Posted by ca98am79 - comments

ZeptoAutocomplete.js, micro js library for Autocompletion in Zepto
Posted by sriram_iyengar - comments

Expressive metaprogramming in C++14 with Boost.Hana
Posted by ldionne - comments

A free eBook to save you time googling entrepreneurship
Posted by krsmith35 - comments

Sandstorm Personal Cloud Platform (hands-on demo)
Posted by kentonv - comments

Linkwok- Your favorite search engines reimagined around YOU
Posted by Superbloop - comments

New (yet another) android hacker news app
Posted by burntcookie90 - comments

MyLock Easy Encryption
Posted by diafygi - comments

Hinder – Tinder for HN
Posted by berzniz - comments

World news from social media curation startup
Posted by afrigas - comments

Git-guilt – view blame change over time
Posted by kannonboy - comments

Blurry canvas on retina (HiDPI) displays? Drop in fix
Posted by jondavidjohn - comments

Course Island – MOOC Review Site Written in Clojure
Posted by dizzystar - comments

GOM is a Chrome extension that uses SPDY SSL proxies as a Web-VPN
Posted by nubela - comments

Reddit keyword tracking
Posted by aakilfernandes - comments

yasoon – Your favorite cloud service in Outlook
Posted by yasoon - comments

Contactive API – Turn telephone numbers into full profiles
Posted by whoisjuan - comments – Turn Gmail into a helpdesk
Posted by keepingcom - comments

Saving Nemo
Posted by nergal - comments

An app that alerts you when your favourite product has change of price
Posted by adibalcan - comments

Xibalba – A WebGL First Person Shooter + Making Of Screencast
Posted by phoboslab - comments

Minimal bookmarking app with full text search
Posted by naryad - comments

Storylike – Discover amazing stories
Posted by storylike2 - comments

Gonsole – a Git Console for the Eclipse IDE
Posted by codeaffine - comments

We Love Angular – the free job board for AngularJS jobs and developers
Posted by jonathaningram - comments

Bak Tang Wiesenfeld text generation
Posted by curuinor - comments

A city-wide Scavenger Hunt – Beta Test in your location today
Posted by chrisvan - comments

T, The simple tmux helper
Posted by giodamelio - comments

Words for Chrome – Smarter, safer web comments
Posted by fivedogit - comments

Words for Chrome – Smarter, safer web comments
Posted by fivedogit - comments

Homer – Find great apps by browsing the phones of your friends
Posted by moubarak - comments

Script to automate browser's “Save as” operation
Posted by anuragbiyani - comments

DigDrive my first attempt to publish an Android Game
Posted by ahmedmakhlouf - comments

Game About Squares solver in Python
Posted by zwegner - comments

Node.js license report generation tool
Posted by ikessler - comments

Sorting 50,000 array on web browser using HTML5 Web Worker
Posted by afshinmeh - comments

Download all threads of an orkut community
Posted by anuragbiyani - comments

Insane Race – my first android game
Posted by mattlondon - comments

Simple spreadsheet-backed membership management
Posted by adam-p - comments

Tenyks – The service oriented IRC bot I've been working on
Posted by vhost- - comments

Swiftgive – free, easy mobile fundraising and tipping
Posted by smholloway - comments

Webhook – Static site generator with a CMS
Posted by snide - comments

Adventure, puzzles, and a brand new challenge
Posted by quary - comments

Emoji support for your Android apps down to Android 2.2
Posted by marco1 - comments

ZeptoAutoComplete, Micro JS library for ZeptoJS
Posted by sriram_iyengar - comments

Finally affordable videos for startups
Posted by yoavush - comments

License-key generator for Node.js
Posted by tsenkov - comments

Marketizator: 3 in 1 CRO tool (Optimizely+Qualaroo+Bounce Exchange)
Posted by valentinradu - comments

Peopls – follow your friends across all social media
Posted by thabz - comments

A prototype of old game Pong, which runs in your terminal
Posted by pravj - comments

Pure JS live-editing for React
Posted by danabramov - comments

A nested accordion view for Cocoa Touch
Posted by sdeepan - comments

T3 – template to build three.js applications
Posted by maurizzzio - comments

CommitCal – View your commit history in calendar
Posted by unstop01 - comments

Pie, a simple text based to-do list (web)app
Posted by hernansartorio - comments

We Got Your Back
Posted by jdorfman - comments