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This is an aggregation of 'Show HN:' Hacker News posts scraped from the new stories feed every couple minutes. By Ben Wasser.

A workflow tool for resolving PCI security requirements with ease
Posted by akshatpradhan - comments

new AcceleratedBy: discover startups and resources for founders
Posted by Egaroo - comments

A JavaScript library to read depth maps from Android Lens Blur app
Posted by spite - comments

A super useful code bookmarking chrome extension
Posted by ycmike - comments

Build a press page that doesnt suck
Posted by jeremybenaim - comments

Tic-tac-toe, with a multiplayer twist
Posted by mayop100 - comments

Real-time collaborative coding for quants
Posted by jstauth - comments

Doora, simple and fast file sharing service
Posted by wonderfuly - comments

KnockToCall on top iOS Appstore in 3 days
Posted by phatle - comments

Your new intuitive and helpful meeting companion
Posted by seyz - comments

Releasing Ruby gems from your CI environment
Posted by badrij - comments

My iOS Dev Course on kickstarter is nearly funded.
Posted by markcrazyhorse - comments

Pixel Art Editor built with ClojureScript/Om
Posted by jackschaedler - comments

a html5 tool to help colorblind people read maps and charts
Posted by olgstein - comments

Stream online radio stations using SoundManager2
Posted by vishaltelangre - comments

SoundCloud Instant
Posted by karangoeluw - comments

I [heartbleed] OpenSSL shirt
Posted by lowglow - comments

A JavaScript MVC for smooth transitions in WebApps
Posted by sjelin - comments

no-exif removes Exif and GPS location data from JPEG images
Posted by busterc - comments

Another Static Site Generator
Posted by kf5jak - comments

My friend Vinnie has lukemia, lets help him
Posted by aosmith - comments

Node.js library for HN API
Posted by ChristianBundy - comments

Drive Assist app for android
Posted by razvanel - comments – Direct Links to change your passwords
Posted by graham1776 - comments

Teach Yourself To Code
Posted by kateray - comments

Kronos Open source, python based command line cluster manager
Posted by TheAuditor - comments

Fedora – Shopify for Education
Posted by ankurnagpal89 - comments

Real-time multiplayer HTML5 game, 2+ years development
Posted by james33 - comments

Playover lets you search for long layovers
Posted by geverett - comments

Python port of Twilio Browser Phone
Posted by sethito - comments

Macho Megabus 1 Dollar Ticket Explorer
Posted by wmaiouiru - comments

minicron – a system to manage and monitor cron jobs
Posted by jamesrwhite - comments

Forget PR Firms, a tool to pitch relevant reporters yourself.
Posted by dmitrydragilev - comments

Handcrafted standing desks from reclaimed materials
Posted by fitztrev - comments

My free (and unique) weather app for iOS
Posted by tzehren - comments

Transparency report for Makerland conference
Posted by kubindurion - comments

Special offer for HN Readers on iOS Development Course
Posted by ctsenviro - comments

Just finished my portfolio.
Posted by diskerror - comments

Just finished my portfolio. How do you guys like it?
Posted by diskerror - comments

I got rejected from YC, and here's my startup
Posted by derwiki - comments

little todo app with local storage
Posted by stangeek - comments

R-based "Twitter-wordcloud-sentiments" #tarsands
Posted by rustyoldrake - comments

Checkout 'Containerize the Web' Site (Docker Resource)
Posted by program247365 - comments

A Customizable Voice Assistant (iPhone App)
Posted by lunar - comments

Flappy Leap Bird – Play Flappy Bird with the Leap Motion
Posted by rukmal-w - comments

real time collaboration for algo coding
Posted by fawce - comments

I submitted my idea to the Coshx Competition.
Posted by JonD23 - comments

Measuring day to day improvements doing push-ups for 100 days
Posted by karenxcheng - comments

I submitted my idea to the Coshx Competition.
Posted by JonD23 - comments

Respondly – Team Inbox for Email and Twitter. Our new MeteorJS App
Posted by timhaines - comments

I Made My 1st Sublime Text Theme: Camouflage
Posted by mkelleyjr - comments

Heroku apps on caffeine won't go to sleep
Posted by Podeau - comments

API Glossary
Posted by anonfunction - comments

HN Style Site for Integrated Circuits Folks
Posted by kumarski - comments

Factory pattern for Objective-C
Posted by mrevilme - comments

Sure 1.2.7 makes easy to test diffs in python
Posted by gfalcao - comments

Group Chat Built For Design Teams
Posted by BryanB55 - comments

Flock – A messaging app for making plans
Posted by mburshteyn1 - comments

MotionCAPTCHA – Stop Spam, Draw Shapes
Posted by techaddict009 - comments

Rollcall – the easiest way to build a status board for your team.
Posted by sujal - comments

Doogie Howser Journal Generator
Posted by craigburke - comments

Puking Pac-man
Posted by codevinsky - comments

Webpgr, build HTML5 websites super fast Zoom, rotate, swipe. Edit now
Posted by thomnah - comments

Lifta Desk Organizer
Posted by promocha - comments

Pagesnap takes automatic screenshots of your sites, ready for signups
Posted by zrail - comments

Portable Win32 Heartbleed checker
Posted by dendory - comments

Pintask, the hackable task tracker
Posted by DenGorbachev - comments

Posted by J2K - comments

: Nickname Generator – Fun weekend app
Posted by rk0567 - comments

A website to share your traveling tips
Posted by return0 - comments

Just launched The hardest fishing game app. Would love feedback
Posted by leonhuu007 - comments

A Dead Simple Vector CSS Loader.
Posted by sebgeelen - comments

– The most favorited social media content
Posted by alexanderb - comments

Tinfoil: a workflow to store sensitive data on untrusted cloud services
Posted by Eyas - comments

I built Swinton Report for unbiased, user driven news a HN clone.
Posted by cheetahtech - comments

I've been working on this HTML5 game for over 2 years
Posted by marxdeveloper - comments

PostgreSQL LISTEN Exchange for RabbitMQ
Posted by crad - comments

Announcing Infomaniac-AMF
Posted by infomaniac - comments

Backup your Server to encrypted Cloud (launch in June)
Posted by outself - comments

Sliding Pi – a game that shows how ancient mathematicians calculated Pi
Posted by ychw - comments

SalesBus, A new direct sales opportunity with products across brands
Posted by SethMurphy - comments

Ulaxi calculates whether UberX, Lyft, or Taxi is best for your trip
Posted by xivzgrev - comments

We open-sourced our customizable SoundCloud Player
Posted by timthimmaiah - comments

"Help Me Out" as a service.
Posted by iambateman - comments

Momentum – Automated marketing for solo founders
Posted by revorad - comments

Poor Man's VPN With a Cheap VPS
Posted by tlongren - comments

Momentum – Get users for your apps and services
Posted by revorad - comments

modern relational algebra
Posted by blambeau - comments

Wrdz – A simple place to write (and post writing to Twitter as a photo)
Posted by jorganisak - comments

QL + JSON + Search + ACID in one database system. Free express edition
Posted by jb007 - comments

Store your JSON data on S3 – Node.js Powered
Posted by radkiddo - comments

Convert Sass to SASSC for libsass/sassc
Posted by killahpriest - comments

The Average Cost of a Like on Facebook
Posted by watershawl - comments

Another science news aggregator
Posted by return0 - comments

Pensqr – A better place to talk in things we are passionate about
Posted by Mbalkini - comments

List of Episodes
Posted by goldenkey - comments

Crowdsourcing Green Card application waiting time
Posted by ycskyspeak - comments

Knock to fake an in-come call
Posted by phatle - comments

My Weekend Project, Hosted Privacy Policies
Posted by policysnap - comments

I compiled a list of vendors at the PyCon job fair that hire remote.
Posted by kungfooey - comments