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This is an aggregation of 'Show HN:' Hacker News posts scraped from the new stories feed every couple minutes. By Ben Wasser.

Http:// New Rails and Webpack Discourse Forum
Posted by justin808 - comments

GiffyTube – Generating 3 sec GIFs from YouTube videos
Posted by zperrault - comments

The Insider – Anonymous Messaging for Work
Posted by funnyenough - comments

Cashier Queue Simulator
Posted by philip1209 - comments

Kokonaut Messenger
Posted by KokonautIM - comments

Howard. Text him your thoughts
Posted by mikehmorrissey - comments

Build a full product with AngularJS and Firebase (7 hrs of HD video)
Posted by gordonzhu - comments

Supercharge GitHub (Chrome only)
Posted by rohamg - comments

Graphs bouncing around, making random music
Posted by jhedwards - comments

Posted by u-talent - comments

Open Source Firebase
Posted by marknadal - comments

CoinFresh – Crypto Exchange We Applied to YC W15 With
Posted by ricksta - comments

A new iOS app which lets you chat nearby people without Internet
Posted by furkan - comments

Python script to backup your iOS sms/mms to html and json
Posted by batbomb - comments

Cursors – All available cursors
Posted by chrisnager - comments

HeyUpdate – Work asynchronously with team progress tracking
Posted by tompedals - comments

LocalTrek, changing the way you explore
Posted by davidaragon - comments

Shop with a Girl
Posted by partywithalocal - comments

Jekyll KaTeX Block – Integrate KaTeX into Jekyll
Posted by drewsberry - comments

Bowery Desktop
Posted by zachh - comments – paste solution (encryption, clean, syntax highlighting)
Posted by philwhln - comments

Real-time remote presence tool built in 48 hours
Posted by steffoz - comments

Hpenc – high performance encryption command line utility
Posted by cebka - comments

An experimental machine learning job board at
Posted by ZygmuntZ - comments

A hosted JSON REST-API for testing your front-end against
Posted by benhowdle - comments Desktop App
Posted by thebyrd - comments

MerryList – Create a wishlist with just a URL
Posted by vlucas - comments

One-click VPN
Posted by iainkfraser - comments

Run dedicated iOS Simulators in the browser
Posted by weiyin - comments

Qoffee – improve your meeting efficiency [Rails Rumble Project]
Posted by adamcooke - comments

GreatDJ – Create and save playlists that sync across devices
Posted by ruiramos - comments

Embed stunning polls in seconds with Voice Polls
Posted by melkisch - comments

Archeeve – useful bookmarks organiser (OS X/Windows)
Posted by mobily - comments

BaliClock – An alarm clock that calls you (RailsRumble2014)
Posted by tpinto - comments

A mobile 5-star rating
Posted by jsemrau - comments

Daily Crowdfunder
Posted by tdhftw - comments

Sesame now supports AppleScript
Posted by elmarto755 - comments

How to Create Meaningful Work. An Interview with Debbie Millman
Posted by drt - comments

Proceed – write proposal from anywhere, my new startup
Posted by dstpierre - comments – Run background tasks on the cloud
Posted by shark234 - comments

Luakernel – Lua + SQLite + musl libc running on x86
Posted by ers35 - comments

Android library to show Gmail like tiles with text
Posted by AppleX - comments

How does your Australian MP vote on issues that matter to you?
Posted by mlandauer - comments

My first Twitter bot – tweets the best NASA/ISS status at 9 and 5
Posted by jrometty - comments

Pixate now free for academic use
Posted by pcolton - comments

Triptable – Simple tour booking in your city
Posted by ytzvan - comments

Nnmm – A really small pastebin/url minifier
Posted by mechazawa - comments

Cursorcerer – vanish the Mac's cursor from any app via hotkey or timer
Posted by doomlaser - comments

Monetize your Instagram following
Posted by khamoud - comments

A messaging app for trading favors
Posted by sriramyadavalli - comments

Castnow – a Chromecast commandline player
Posted by xatxat - comments find out just how close you are to ebola
Posted by kaushalp88 - comments

Posted by andycroll - comments

Yify gem
Posted by jonlunsford - comments

ProShot – The manual camera app you've been waiting for (iOS)
Posted by riseupgames - comments

CLI Pastebin Tool in Go
Posted by bearbin - comments

Socks, a super-light WebSocket wrapper
Posted by maemilius - comments

Solving XKCD 1425 Using computer vision to detect birds in parks
Posted by sawthat - comments

I just launched Meta Trails a tool for the self taught developer
Posted by joshcrowder - comments

Grunt Livereload for ClojureScript
Posted by tgallant - comments

Milkshake – Real-time playlists with friends over websockets
Posted by jshakes - comments

Drop-in embedded Telnet server for iOS and OS X apps
Posted by swisspol - comments

Extensive logging facility for iOS apps: database, Telnet, HTTP server
Posted by swisspol - comments

An 8 bit racing game for the band Superfood
Posted by sydlawrence - comments

HTML5 Video Motion Tracked in 3D onto HTML5 Video
Posted by chrisgannon - comments

UpSwell – Join the crowd and tell the world what you want to exist
Posted by sappenin - comments

Crypt – Secure Configuration Storage in Etcd or Consul
Posted by bketelsen - comments

Database Labs – Postgres as a Service
Posted by pjlegato - comments

Order an Uber with the Click of Your Heels
Posted by corbett3000 - comments

LeanScribe – Mass email potential customers for cheap
Posted by sdebrule - comments

a type-agnostic wrapper of leveldb for Go
Posted by dasmithii - comments

Open source chat app built from a static js page (NimbusFoundry)
Posted by taskstrike - comments

YPet, a simplistic text annotation tool built for speed
Posted by x0xMaximus - comments

EasyRedir – Easy, reliable URL redirects. Just launched free service
Posted by wgrrrr - comments – Target website content based on referrer url
Posted by joseacta - comments

Minimal ES6 code samples
Posted by init0 - comments

Quick REST API in Node.js with Vatican.js
Posted by deleteman - comments

Walk amongst your photos with Photo Amaze
Posted by dlebech - comments

A housesharing vs. affordability map we made for London
Posted by vsubramanian - comments

Golgi: Google Maps for the brain and connectome
Posted by RAB1138 - comments

USB Gamepad PCB Business Cards
Posted by mafuyu - comments

1Page Gallery: A simple, single-page jQuery, PHP photo gallery
Posted by withaspark - comments

Reqres – A hosted REST-API for testing your front-end against
Posted by benhowdle - comments

Restful-todo a Restful Todo App in Python/Flask
Posted by vahidR - comments

Oil Well Maintenance (SAPUI5 Application)
Posted by companies_hub - comments

Download root file systems from the Docker Hub (use it with LXC, etc.)
Posted by b0ba1lle - comments

A code generator for automatically converting JSON to C++ structs
Posted by netheril96 - comments

A Fully Responsive Timesheet, Expense and Invoicing Platform
Posted by tkremer - comments

Google Analytics integration for retargeting
Posted by ahmetarslan - comments

Jumble solver [weekend fun project]
Posted by rk0567 - comments

“Escape from Montegrande”, Procedural Ski Game for iOS and Android
Posted by phaser - comments

Plottio – World's stories. Written and read by you
Posted by mchamkin - comments

Markdown Page Editor
Posted by Hawkee - comments

1.Drink 2. Code 3. Profit
Posted by ericnolte - comments

Posted by skyjacker - comments

Appilepsy – Intelligent convulsive seizure detection app
Posted by philefstat - comments

Cloujera – fine-grained search for spoken words in Coursera's videos
Posted by vise890 - comments

Create your own photo expressions card using webcam
Posted by ilikecreating - comments

I made the new OS X 10.10 safari menubar blink
Posted by tobyhinloopen - comments

Hacker News for Sri Lanka
Posted by rukshn - comments