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This is an aggregation of 'Show HN:' Hacker News posts scraped from the new stories feed every couple minutes. By Ben Wasser.

Funtober – Fall/Halloween site by non-tech nights/weekends founder
Posted by funtober - comments

Product Namer – come up with awesome product names
Posted by zvanness - comments

Mapping the Militarization of Law Enforcement in the United States
Posted by michaelcolenso - comments

Profanity NPM library
Posted by jhgaylor - comments

Basecamp reporting with visual dashboard
Posted by jkaljundi - comments

Moodprint – painless mood tracking
Posted by bscofield - comments

Summarizer – a decent text summarizer
Posted by zvanness - comments

Webui-Aria2 – Remote download manager built with AngularJS
Posted by ziahamza - comments

Rqlite – replicating SQLite using Raft consensus
Posted by otoolep - comments

Bud – Django project template for quick deployment (Vagrant, Ansible)
Posted by elbear - comments

Tech Creationist Canvas Editor (with Lean Startup Canvas Support)
Posted by amasoean - comments

Platform To Hack Your Car
Posted by nothappyhour - comments

Awesome-radio – a curated list of radio resources and information
Posted by vhost- - comments

Feedback Lite – Customer feedback tab and reporting dashboard
Posted by pauldunstone - comments

EncoreBeat - ProductHunt for Electronic Music
Posted by panorama - comments

A better way to save files in Sublime Text
Posted by cellis - comments

Angular-react – ReactJS with AngularJS
Posted by Bahamut - comments

Detective Droid
Posted by mcarrano - comments

A Tribute to Gaming Legends
Posted by eminencelux - comments CMS for Designers
Posted by boffbowsh - comments

Scrabble Word Finder
Posted by rk0567 - comments

Dev List – comprehensive developer profiles
Posted by Reltair - comments

CommerceKit – super simple WordPress e-commerce plugin
Posted by edelweiss22 - comments

Watchman – Execute a command when a file changes
Posted by crodjer - comments

Hnguardian, a bot for the new #hackernews channel on Freenode
Posted by bramgg - comments

Collaborate with your team in one live document using
Posted by sidi - comments

YouTube live stream with Raspberry Pi
Posted by yniels - comments

PhotoKlash – new games where Apples to Apples meets Snapchat
Posted by jzworkman - comments

ONtrepreneur Academy
Posted by kchard - comments

I will personally look through your website and give you design advice
Posted by pseudometa - comments

Easy Bitcoin payment gem using
Posted by Sailias - comments

Drawft – Communicate with drawings – in real time
Posted by kajarya - comments

Twitter Search/Marketing Tool (BETA)
Posted by n_coats - comments

Get IMDB info for your movies collection in 2 clicks
Posted by pawannitj - comments

Blinkist – Hacking the way we read books, now on Android
Posted by jansenniklas - comments

Blinkist – Hacking the way we read books, now on Android
Posted by jansenniklas - comments

Mars – A graph drawing tool for large graph visualization
Posted by marckhoury - comments

Graphing Calculator 3D
Posted by runiter - comments

Grid by Example – Usage Examples for the CSS Grid Layout Module
Posted by rachelandrew - comments

Make games with our game editor, Construct 2
Posted by AshleysBrain - comments

Free travel stock photos anyone can use
Posted by peachananr - comments

Have an app on Google Play? – Video just got more important for you
Posted by yoavush - comments

TweetFull – an automated Twitter marketing and branding tool
Posted by dinwal - comments

DailyMetrics – Customer Analytics for Shopify
Posted by ostrowski - comments

LaTeX based Résumé / CV creator
Posted by cvsintellect - comments

Posted by joshuaevans - comments

Curated list of awesome startups across the globe
Posted by softvar - comments

Nanoshell – A framework for Bash scripting
Posted by qzerolee - comments

MailTheme – Manage Design of Transactional Email Templates
Posted by cdmckay - comments

wshare – text files from shell to a self-destruct memorizable URL
Posted by kolev - comments find time across timezones
Posted by andytlr - comments

Search meets Analytics on DataRake
Posted by okeumeni - comments

Airhoot Anonymous encrypted social networking
Posted by victoriap - comments, AirBnB for outdoor gear
Posted by diminish - comments

Aggregator for Show HN + ProductHunt + Kickstarter Etc(pre-launch)
Posted by boy88 - comments

Streaming GitHub Events on a Google Map
Posted by siggy - comments

Posted by kolodny - comments

IP.NF – json, xml and txt API for IPs
Posted by ubanholzer - comments
Posted by dalek2point3 - comments

A 7-Segment Display Built on Conway's Game of Life
Posted by n_c - comments

A 7-Segment Display on Conway's Game of Life
Posted by n_c - comments

Tech presenters share info with audience through email address
Posted by gmayorga - comments

SpiderNotes – offline, encrypted, synchronized “notes” Chrome extension
Posted by andornaut - comments

Vpython – easier virtualenv
Posted by tudborg - comments

Sofa, an Object Data Model Persistance Framework for Couchbase
Posted by ichiriac - comments

Wine, Beer or Spirits? An interactive datavis
Posted by zenoid - comments

Preview OGG Files in Atom Editor
Posted by laex - comments

GitHub Treemaps
Posted by tomiaijo - comments

Citeurl – Find article's url from citation
Posted by antbbn - comments

Handy vagrant plugin that lets you use environment variables from .env
Posted by gosuri - comments

I shoot film
Posted by aaronbrethorst - comments

HTTP server written in x64 assembly (x86-64)
Posted by jcalvinowens - comments – Free Domain Appraisal and Domain Productivity Tools
Posted by ukc - comments

Self destructing, encrypted messaging with file upload
Posted by DanBlake - comments

DailyFact – Learn one new thing everyday
Posted by Agrosis - comments

Chrome DevTools Extension Inspect into CSS Gradients
Posted by rjcaricio - comments

On Deck Is “Yo for Your Favorite Baseball Player”
Posted by callmeed - comments

Grunt-file – a command to quickly create, save and reuse gruntfiles
Posted by busterc - comments

Do you want a blur Navigation Toggle like Etsy app?
Posted by charbgr - comments

Need Motivation? Watch the Motivation Channel on Streamup
Posted by nickfrost - comments

simple server to play Liar's Dice – what do you think?
Posted by ravipatel - comments

Prospecter – A prospective search implementation in Java
Posted by dbasedow - comments

A minimalist game about collecting squares
Posted by ndomin - comments

Restore tmux environment after a system restart
Posted by brunosutic - comments, our side project for the last two years
Posted by roundio - comments

Rustastic SMTP – an SMTP server library written in Rust
Posted by conradk - comments

The easiest way to sell your products
Posted by tilohue - comments

Gulpfile – a command to quickly create, save and reuse gulpfiles
Posted by busterc - comments

Ghost Blog + Amazon S3 =
Posted by kidmar - comments

Async.legacy – Swift syntactic sugar for GCD
Posted by josephlord - comments

Chan – pure C implementation of Go channels
Posted by tylertreat - comments

Python Library for Bitcoin API
Posted by chris-martin - comments

Share Content? Drive Traffic with LinkPlug, the Hellobar for Links
Posted by brianpetro_ - comments

Domain Name Brain – Instant domain name search / domain name generator
Posted by DomainNameBrain - comments

GitFrame, rapid mockups with GitHub and YAML
Posted by oakio - comments

GameDev News- It's like DN or HN for people who make games
Posted by manuele - comments

Roadside MBA
Posted by dalek2point3 - comments

KeyBox-OpenShift – A web-based SSH console for OpenShift
Posted by skavanagh - comments

New Chrome Extension for VisualPing Visual Website Monitoring
Posted by pixeldude - comments

rd_route – a modern mach_override replacement
Posted by ololoev - comments