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This is an aggregation of 'Show HN:' Hacker News posts scraped from the new stories feed every couple minutes. By Ben Wasser.

Mowbly Mobility Platform
Posted by avighnay - comments – Enterprise Level Conversion Rate Optimization Kit
Posted by acoyfellow - comments

New project for on-demand chat rooms
Posted by tdondich - comments

4-player air hockey WebGL game
Posted by jcgun - comments

a simple website to save time doing something on the way
Posted by wisechengyi - comments

cdnjs Website Source Available on GitHub
Posted by tlongren - comments

Earn achievements will using GitHub
Posted by elrich - comments

phantom 0.4.0 is out
Posted by alfl23 - comments

Dynamic HTML to PDF
Posted by Peardoc - comments

Chrome recorder, GUI editor, and cloud service for PhantomJS tests
Posted by jwklemm - comments, a geo/social network visualization of the Rob Ford saga
Posted by idm - comments – the new do engine
Posted by klinskyc - comments

We made an app that let's you meet people by really short videos
Posted by jensen2k - comments $1 private docker registry-as-a-service
Posted by lexaude - comments

Practical example of using git and GitHub in a school
Posted by ssaunier_ - comments

The Startup Spinwheel
Posted by mpjan - comments - Conversion Rate Optimization Kit
Posted by acoyfellow - comments

see who you're connected to on GitHub
Posted by IceCreamYou - comments

neat adventure travel website
Posted by happycamper - comments

SoundCloud Instant source code
Posted by karangoeluw - comments

simplest way to track assets of your business together
Posted by kr4 - comments

Our open sourced game – made on a mini game jam
Posted by whiteshadow - comments

NCurses Terminal Webcam
Posted by CSDude - comments

An iOS app for the Sharing Economy
Posted by poivremoulu - comments

Tracking Flu Outbreaks with Wikipedia
Posted by lauradhamilton - comments – Bros on the line
Posted by vincevaughn - comments

our app mostly gathers its data scraped from Kimono
Posted by cookbookmfc - comments

EasyFridge – Subscription Grocery Delivery. No Thinking Required.
Posted by MediaSquirrel - comments

Today, a social diary for android
Posted by emilsjolander - comments

an app that aggregates sharing economy listings
Posted by cookbookmfc - comments

longbow – one codebase, multiple iOS targets
Posted by bennyg - comments

search and download many images at once
Posted by allthatisgold - comments's beta test. reddit with video
Posted by speakme - comments

Intel interviewed me about current tech trends. What say you?
Posted by JeremyMorgan - comments

My first game is also on Kongregate (inspired by Super Mario Galaxy)
Posted by zerobudgetdev - comments

Tab – A Better Dining Experience
Posted by fananta - comments

Simple file sharing tool written in python using flask
Posted by jmgutn - comments

Sidekiq++ on Postgres
Posted by tombenner - comments

Momentous – a minimal datepicker for bootstrap
Posted by thom801 - comments

First Draft – distraction-free writing for first drafts (beta)
Posted by wildermuthn - comments

Simple Java Swing GUI for running your HQL and SQL Queries.
Posted by mkrishnan - comments

: Expojure – Better way to organize your photos on Social Media
Posted by dewbot - comments

: Expojure – Better way to manage your photos on Social Media
Posted by dewbot - comments

My Node.js + MongoDB weekend project – HN History
Posted by samjc - comments

Trackify – an mvp from Ideas Sunday
Posted by kr4 - comments

Git Achievements: code like a game.
Posted by elrich - comments

My first project – Football voting app built in Rubymotion
Posted by bg23 - comments

Fitcasts – Taking Youtube workout videos to the next level
Posted by zotovas - comments

: Create your own HackerNews
Posted by sideproject - comments

Hover.css and iHover: Pure CSS3 Hover Effects Collections
Posted by tlongren - comments

Torpe, a pop album cover randomly generated by JavaScript
Posted by edupoch - comments

Customer experience ideas
Posted by userium - comments

HMTL5 distraction-free writing app
Posted by moron4hire - comments

Let's connect home libraries around the world
Posted by damell - comments

We open sourced the game we made on a mini jam
Posted by whiteshadow - comments

Realtime TODO Lists without signup (Weekend Project)
Posted by Polarity - comments

Canary – An app-based cannabis marketplace and delivery service
Posted by meghhv - comments

Thread A Day (inspired by Idea Sunday)
Posted by notduncansmith - comments

WhatsApp Decrypto API
Posted by sinzone - comments

code2stl – 3D Brogramming
Posted by AaronO - comments

Belt: A Handful Of Tools For PHP Developers
Posted by tlongren - comments

My Node.js weekend project – HN History
Posted by samjc - comments

sailnote – Create a paul-graham-style-inspired blog
Posted by kletran - comments

Save yourself from GameofThrones (or any other) spoilers
Posted by shrey_hn - comments

Save yourself from GameOfThrones (or any other) spoilers
Posted by shrey_hn - comments

JavaScript Programmable Metadata for Git Commits, Diffs, etc.
Posted by sdesol - comments

My first serious Android game
Posted by zerobudgetdev - comments

My HTML5 multiplayer fast action game experiment
Posted by fworm - comments

Capsule – Dead-Simple Packaging and Deployment for JVM Apps
Posted by pron - comments – A marketplace for assets of your failed startups
Posted by consta - comments

Webhook, a static site generator with a CMS
Posted by snide - comments

Keep track of movies with the iPhone app Moviedo
Posted by monkey_slap - comments

Our startup product uses NLP to find the best tech answers
Posted by gozmike - comments

Timer App for Coffee Enthusiasts
Posted by andymangold - comments

HN History – Your Hall of Fame
Posted by samjc - comments

Perfect iOS Status Bar Images for Your App Screenshots
Posted by yottabyte47 - comments

: True Color, stay focused on what you read (Android Game)
Posted by aurelhub - comments

Hashrocket Inline Debug Package for Atom Editor
Posted by fka - comments

Daily laugh to brighten your day
Posted by hyperberry - comments

Stop manually segmenting app users
Posted by jonathanbird - comments

End to end functional(ui) testing solution
Posted by sandy23 - comments

Syntactic sugar for Design by contract in JavaScript.
Posted by phpnode - comments

Delete your old tweets with a python script
Posted by sjtrny - comments

Goliath, Svbtle+Medium editor for Wordpress
Posted by arkokoley - comments

NoSSL Matters Now Conference
Posted by conickal - comments

Having fun with Python – Finding Game Boy screens in images
Posted by zionsrogue - comments

Mellow, a robotic sous-chef for home cooks
Posted by zemvpferreira - comments

Mellow, a robotic sous-chef for home cooks
Posted by zemvpferreira - comments

Messaging based on user's interest in your app
Posted by jonathanbird - comments

An experiment to get your opinions heard
Posted by talhof8 - comments

HoverReader, Read an article simply by hovering over a link
Posted by bashevis - comments

free platform for life scientists to centralize and automate data.
Posted by omnisci - comments

GitHub Team Viewer
Posted by mundanevoice - comments

RobotFindsKitten non-kitten-item server in Go
Posted by agox - comments

Jollyshot – ephemeral image hosting
Posted by therealarmen - comments

Nothing sucks the joy out of programming like a job
Posted by SMrF - comments

Ekho, a simple way to add voice interactivity to your site
Posted by ppymou - comments

Progressive Enhancement with Phonegap
Posted by borego - comments

Our weekend project – PaperSync, notebook scanning as a service.
Posted by bdm - comments

Analyze and Export Apache Benchmarks
Posted by mythz - comments