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This is an aggregation of 'Show HN:' Hacker News posts scraped from the new stories feed every couple minutes. By Ben Wasser.

300Editors – Get Your Writing Proofread in Real Time
Posted by vood - comments

Peculiar UI – A (User Interface) Documentation Library in AngularJS
Posted by Copperstone - comments

Where's all my money?
Posted by z0rch - comments

Building an interactive media server from spare parts
Posted by codeusasoft - comments

Semi-realtime Slack Avatars (Inspired By Sqwiggle) – Sqwack
Posted by tompedals - comments

The new Longform app, a reader for smart content
Posted by lammer - comments

An RSS reader that filters, aggregates and visualizes news
Posted by pve9 - comments

John Carmack News
Posted by vitoralmeida - comments

#nomads – a chat community for digital nomads and remote workers
Posted by pieterhg - comments

A Halloween-themed WebGL map of the world
Posted by sevko - comments

Windows Dvorak Layout for Apple Bluetooth Keyboards
Posted by edpichler - comments

Simpler Alerts and Action Sheets for iPhones and iPads and iOS 7 and iOS 8
Posted by RubenSandwich - comments

Another World Ported to MP3 Players (Rockbox)
Posted by theunamedguy - comments

An imitation of the iOS8 system keyboard, built in Swift
Posted by archagon - comments

Inflationate your words (comedy for a cause)
Posted by Dawenster - comments

We built a way to find properties through updates, not searches
Posted by ceeK - comments

Pearltrees – organize + manipulate your files and bookmarks w drag and drop
Posted by Straubiz - comments

Make NDB query results JSON serializable
Posted by bengrunfeld - comments

Load-balancing Docker Containers with Nginx and Consul-Template
Posted by mtndew4brkfst - comments

CityLeash – Search pet-friendly rentals with nearby dog parks and more
Posted by doomspork - comments

Current – The missing Facebook app for Mac
Posted by appden - comments

An MMO twist on Battleship where you bet Bitcoins
Posted by luweilu - comments

Dev Skills + MovingWorlds = Travel and Change the World
Posted by MovingWorlds - comments

Posted by benbristow - comments – Discover the world's coolest companies and their jobs
Posted by greenpinguin - comments

An Ubuntu Server 12.04 Yeoman Set-Up Guide
Posted by benbristow - comments

Stream for Desktop: Random Stuff People Anonymously Share on the Web
Posted by bscordato - comments

VCE – a JavaScript library for creating interactive video adventures
Posted by adam-a - comments

PhoneOmega – backup your call logs, contacts, and messages in realtime
Posted by easyname - comments

20 Most Important Java Programming Interview Questions
Posted by gradestack - comments

Conway's Game of Life New Tab Chrome Extension
Posted by JDoty - comments

Spingredients – Cooking and Recipe Inspiration (iOS)
Posted by siburb - comments

A new job portal exclusive for part time, temporary jobs in India
Posted by arundavid - comments – Simple email design testing
Posted by jonobird1 - comments

Posted by Matheus28 - comments

Review my startup idea – financial forecasting for small businesses
Posted by jconn - comments

Api-stuff – Making Twitter, Vine, Instagram APIs Easy Again
Posted by blubbi2 - comments

Thought for iPhone – express yourself beyond 140 characters
Posted by jamando - comments

RailsScript – A Rails-centric, featherweight CoffeeScript framework
Posted by cjjuice - comments

Hakawai, an iOS text view supporting 'mentions'
Posted by austinz - comments

BUILDBox curates the best resources for entrepreneurs and developers
Posted by waynesutton - comments

ZombieRun – retro platformer that brings back sexy to local co-op
Posted by indrekv - comments

Create your own 3D printable phone case
Posted by IvarsZ - comments

Real-time, group focused, crowdsourced property search
Posted by ceeK - comments

Tiny mongo docker image for developers
Posted by critiq - comments

APInalytics – simple analytics for APIs
Posted by philpearl1 - comments

Cider — Hassle-free bootstrapping using Homebrew
Posted by mkskm - comments

GarageServer.IO – lightweight, HTML multiplayer game server for Node.js
Posted by jbillmann - comments

Introducing Popist, successor of popurls
Posted by marban - comments

Servi – build production-quality servers, easily and quickly
Posted by rrosen326 - comments

A soccer goal alert service for Yo app
Posted by rensco - comments

Professional sound effects for UI projects
Posted by iambrakes - comments – Manage and communicate your product updates
Posted by versionhistory - comments

Find companies that use the technology you love
Posted by redmattred - comments

Structural Editor Prototype
Posted by kpmah - comments

Asm.js/PNaCl accelerated file hasher webapp
Posted by sutora - comments

Bouncing Ball, most uncontrollable ball you have ever played with
Posted by shibendu - comments

VirtKick – your self-hosted DigitalOcean
Posted by Nowaker - comments

uPanel – I'm building an admin template for commercial and OS projects
Posted by pixelcave - comments

We built our first app 100% by ourselves as 2 front end developers
Posted by jonathanbird - comments – putting conversations on the map
Posted by etewiah - comments

Storyline, combines Google activity into one timeline
Posted by toupeira - comments

Multi-player Competitive Conway's Game of Life
Posted by samuellevy - comments

Poliana – visualize political influence
Posted by mjhea0 - comments

Weekend project url shortener
Posted by aangjie - comments

Exchange end-to-end encrypted emails with anybody
Posted by MatthiasPfau - comments

Our first app built completely by 2 front-end developers
Posted by jonobird1 - comments

A basic generic multi layer perceptron
Posted by enlightenedfool - comments

Music Training Site Ultilizing WebMidi API
Posted by jtyner - comments

Kickass Blog Posts
Posted by davidpaulkrug - comments

High performance maps platform
Posted by sidi - comments

LyricSmith – Songwriting Web App
Posted by appleskin - comments

RTron, My Take on Tron
Posted by rjdlee - comments

Blazing Fast JSON Validator
Posted by kumarharsh - comments

Govalidate – use struct tags to embed field validation
Posted by robmccoll - comments

Blip – Web Audio looping and sampling library
Posted by jshanley - comments

Visual real time collaboration Penchestra
Posted by MartinBLV - comments

Universal app banner that deep links past install
Posted by noisebeard - comments

Get the best astronomy articles and tips once a week
Posted by alpotryvayev - comments

Handy.js – Fast simple template for Nodejs web apps
Posted by takinola - comments – meet the people on your flight
Posted by maligree - comments

Google Books for writers
Posted by greato - comments

Trello API + Google Now = Talking to My Todo List
Posted by rharris - comments

MyPluginLab – Build WordPress Plugins Online – Developer Tools
Posted by mypluginlab - comments, a Swift syntax reference
Posted by paulshen - comments

MHealth app for health workers fighting Ebola
Posted by philipjoubert - comments

Run Your Business Better, Using the Bible – Bible Business Tips
Posted by arthurcundy - comments

EmployToy – Smarter recruiting and job searching decisions
Posted by jrgrammont - comments

Curated collection of data-related news, resources and inspirations
Posted by lonriesberg - comments

Wobble Wockets – Mobile Friendly HTML5 Game Built with
Posted by aith - comments

Simple Predictive Grocery App (in Swift)
Posted by jiaaro - comments

JQuery Charting Plugin Based on HTML5 Canvas Element
Posted by webmonks - comments

Monitor your PHP application performance
Posted by beberlei - comments

Run PhantomJS from Node
Posted by impostervt - comments

Beautiful generative background images from a string in golang
Posted by pravj - comments

Lucky App – Browse and bookmark 800+ business apps
Posted by Kristyna_Z - comments

Simple, clean interface to Podcasts on Android, Offline too
Posted by skadavan - comments

Share this Website
Posted by juliankeenaghan - comments

WiFi calling using your own phone number for free
Posted by YouRoam - comments

Save your weekends. Automate your paperwork – BillerHub
Posted by tsarholdings - comments