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This is an aggregation of 'Show HN:' Hacker News posts scraped from the new stories feed every couple minutes. By Ben Wasser.

Utility to get the UDID of beta-testers' iPhones
Posted by v_ignatyev - comments

An app to help you manage your side projects
Posted by msc96 - comments

Reloading node applications with no downtime
Posted by jfroma - comments

Just like Privnote, but you can also send an image
Posted by dennissuratna - comments

letswork facebook
Posted by reimertz - comments

Ink: An LLVM based programming language [WIP]
Posted by freefouran - comments

Angular Sprout – The scalable angular seed app
Posted by jwanga - comments

Ajour – Command-line project journal
Posted by gothep - comments

Closing Tabs, a Song Parody to 'Closing Time' by Semisonic
Posted by ryanckulp - comments

Train myself to launch, 12 projects in 2015
Posted by Malcx - comments

Easy Social
Posted by hafizwaleed - comments

AvatarPicker-a user-friendly, social avatar changer for your web app
Posted by bgdam - comments

Adopted a dog, had no clue what meds she needed, did some research
Posted by youngj - comments

The Search to Conclusion Tool
Posted by Superbloop - comments

What do you think of my new startup
Posted by no_gravity - comments

Wizgig, crowdsourced quick tips
Posted by mmurph211 - comments

The best content for designers every time you open a new tab
Posted by _fertapric - comments

Curated GitHub profile using bespoke.js
Posted by alexwilliamsca - comments

Who's winning the game of Congress (Groups most satisfied with bills)
Posted by Argentum01 - comments

Converting a D3 Visualization to WebGL
Posted by pandamcbonesaw - comments

Remote Friendly Ribbon
Posted by lukasm - comments

How I use GitHub Issues, labels, and milestones to manage my blog site
Posted by PeterWhittaker - comments

TinyMCE Font Icon plugin
Posted by jasonrichardsmi - comments

Using Wikipedia as a dictionary
Posted by pszczurko - comments

Dribbble New Tab
Posted by _fertapric - comments

Node-mingydb Automatic MongoDB minification layer
Posted by hoveringGoats - comments

/r/WatchPeopleCode a subreddit about programming live streams
Posted by eatitraw - comments

WP-Fingerprinter – Quickly fingerprint WordPress installation versions
Posted by caffeinewriter - comments

AI that builds data-intensive web-apps crazy fast, in days
Posted by nawazdhandala - comments – App marketing for the rest of us
Posted by johnjones4 - comments

Tauriel – A todo list for Elves (and hackers)
Posted by mbasim - comments

Sqawk – an SQL-based Awk that can combine data from multiple files
Posted by networked - comments

Lionseek – Organizing the For Sale sections of popular forums
Posted by tomkazarian - comments – The easiest way to get started with MongoDB on the Mac
Posted by flexterra - comments

Top 5K most active GitHub accounts
Posted by redox_ - comments

Loading speed optimisation services for websites
Posted by andumorie - comments

Knowki a Collaborative Spaced Repetition Site
Posted by bjfish - comments

Golang queue abstraction, working redis impl., amqp on the way
Posted by phonkee - comments

Looking for an front-end engineer with style? My personal site
Posted by michaelchisari - comments

Numbrrrs – a trivia game with a twist
Posted by davguij - comments

VideoCents, YouTube Keyword Tool
Posted by tskinner - comments

GifSwipe – Tinder for Gifs
Posted by spenceryen - comments

Working Jobs Radio – the podcast about doing what you love for a living
Posted by whysonot - comments

Teamup Calendar – shared calendar for groups and projects
Posted by jzhan - comments

“Get Notified When [Insert Startup} Comes to Your City”
Posted by gregmuender - comments

Statamic CMS Addon Stash – A Searchable Index of Plugins for Statamic
Posted by twanlass - comments

S3_sync with bash
Posted by jasonrichardsmi - comments

Exploring Family Trees/Pedigree Collapse (interactive d3 viz)
Posted by nni - comments

RDPY- MITM Proxy, Honeypot, Play with Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol
Posted by citronneur - comments

Video content and revenue sharing monetized with video classified ads
Posted by manishsharan - comments – Set-up, manage and monitor your redirects
Posted by michaeltrg - comments

Rbkit – a low pause profiler for ruby
Posted by gnufied - comments

Posted by c0ding - comments
Posted by iamjoday - comments

Shortcut.js – standardized keyboard shortcuts
Posted by jon_kuperman - comments

Secure Text Keyboard – Encrypt Your Messages for WhatsApp, Email, Etc.
Posted by vineetdhanawat - comments

Pure SASS mixins for FontAwesome (reduce your library bloat)
Posted by petermelias - comments

Guess Game by Screenshot
Posted by padho - comments

LunaPilot – my first iOS game
Posted by wehamil - comments
Posted by pabloalonso - comments

Streamus – A Chrome extension for listening to YouTube music
Posted by SeanAnderson - comments

Go-micro – a microservices client/server library
Posted by chuhnk - comments

History of computers and oscilloscope pictures
Posted by bradleyjohnson - comments

Gittask – Get Paid to Work on Open Source
Posted by matthewmueller - comments

Working as a software engineer at a startup
Posted by pstrazzulla - comments

Waldo, a free background messenger for iOS
Posted by ckubal - comments

Electoral – Build and Explore Twitter Lists
Posted by mountaineer - comments

Sonicable – charger your phone in half the time – thoughts?
Posted by michaelraven - comments

Music Video Generator Powered by Animated Gifs
Posted by Ologn - comments

Assert library for AtScript
Posted by gcanti - comments

Redisplay – Monitoring Redis with Arduino
Posted by perone - comments

Chameleon – a caching reverse proxy for testing/dev written in Go
Posted by nickpresta - comments

ResumeCards, a Markdown based resume generator
Posted by ellekasai - comments

Instant Closeness – software for generating interpersonal closeness
Posted by imonroe - comments – Beautiful documents for consultants
Posted by jagthedrummer - comments

Jetpack, a FreeBSD Jail/ZFS based container runtime
Posted by mpasternacki - comments

C#-to-JavaScript compiler powered by Microsoft Roslyn
Posted by DuoCode - comments

Crowd sourced prototype testing platform
Posted by prateekrmathur - comments

DIY US and Canada Filings Research
Posted by greedoshotlast - comments

CloudantDB: A Declarative Syntax Python ORM for Cloudant
Posted by realipoots - comments

Page-watch – visual webpage monitoring, made simple
Posted by pwatch - comments
Posted by rohamg - comments

Giftbit – money-back gift cards
Posted by baradoy - comments

Nickelodeon joins the effort to teach kids to code
Posted by ABNWZ - comments

The Rototo Project
Posted by MeyerDumont - comments

another arial2 RPC client for iOS
Posted by exherb - comments

Mac app for bookmarking and read it later
Posted by raindropio - comments

Free Manual App Store Optimization by Full ASO
Posted by FullASO - comments

ORM with SQL simulator for mocking
Posted by awinter-py - comments

RDPY – Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol in Python
Posted by citronneur - comments

Can you solve it:A weekly email for entrepreneurs with problems to solve
Posted by spencerwalden - comments

An Elegant client
Posted by malolans - comments

36 Questions to Fall in Love with Anyone? (Android App)
Posted by TheAppDeveloper - comments

Android App: Google's material design concept. It is fun to work with
Posted by anirgu - comments

Designerboard – Inspiration and news, every day
Posted by _fertapric - comments

Viola (from LibCello) Adds Smart Pointer Support
Posted by eatonphil - comments

Node-fauxmongo local MongoDB updates
Posted by hoveringGoats - comments

Selfbox – It's Like Instapaper or Pocket for Your Inbox [Pre-launch]
Posted by amirkhella - comments

Parallel Processing, Made Simple(r)
Posted by Polytonic - comments

SocialRank Index – Moneyball for Brands (TWTR)
Posted by Ataub24 - comments