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This is an aggregation of 'Show HN:' Hacker News posts scraped from the new stories feed every couple minutes. By Ben Wasser.

iOS Search App with trending content feeds from Reddit, RSS and bookmarks
Posted by kontent - comments

TOTP authentication web service
Posted by 29J - comments

Ice Bucket Anyone
Posted by isupportals - comments

Crypto related functions and helpers for Swift implemented in Swift
Posted by krzyzanowskim - comments

Ice Bucket Anyone
Posted by isupportals - comments

LCON – Ludicrously Compact Object Notation
Posted by ar-nelson - comments

Balance – A Work-Life Balance App Using the Moves API
Posted by bayjorix - comments

Parabolic ImageView iOS
Posted by kurenn88 - comments

StandupMail, email-based productivity logging
Posted by nerdben - comments

Swift-compiler-crashes – collection of Swift compiler crashes
Posted by practicalswift - comments

Ospry – Simple image hosting for developers
Posted by ryanlbrown - comments

Plumb, a functional language embedded in PHP, JS and Python
Posted by chriswarbo - comments

The ^IfMine App
Posted by Navarr - comments

JavaScript/CoffeeScript Project Euler Command Line Tool
Posted by postnihilism - comments

UglyNotes – Greeting cards from horrible people
Posted by shloime - comments

Pay with your time, Crowdsourced savings
Posted by jwyatt1281 - comments

I've coded an iOS App to sell more websites
Posted by hilti - comments

Greenscreen, open source digital signage with Chromecast
Posted by ehzhang - comments

Pinboard Video Archiver
Posted by alfo - comments

Run Square Run
Posted by rohitv - comments

Card_to_calendar – add Google Now flight details to calendar
Posted by thebiglebrewski - comments

Using statistics to find if an Oculus Rift is being worn
Posted by alexbenton - comments

λ Bubble Pop, an educational toy built using λ Lessons
Posted by Uehreka - comments

Finding blind SQL injections using the Mann-Whitney U test
Posted by sebcat - comments

Search for new career opportunities anonymously
Posted by ArtemD - comments

EntroPHy – StumbleUpon for Product Hunt
Posted by karangoeluw - comments

Party with a Local – connecting travelers and locals who want to party
Posted by partywithalocal - comments

Free freeform US address parsing API
Posted by edgi - comments

Backlog, local code backup for Node.js
Posted by jawerty - comments

Exertit- Simple and easy-to-use workout app (iOS)
Posted by lhsieh - comments

Exertit- Simple and easy-to-use workout app (iOS)
Posted by lhsieh - comments

JavaScript-everywhere, model-driven, web framework withAngular and Postgres
Posted by martijndeh - comments

Your YouTube video gets summarized and transcoded into an animated gif
Posted by stangeek - comments

Stellar – Git for PostreSQL / MySQL
Posted by obsession - comments

Cloud Integration for Developers
Posted by zubairov - comments

Tcp stream framing library for Node.js
Posted by majidarif - comments

Mindscope (iPad) – sweet spot between mind-mapping and outlining
Posted by epaga - comments

Its a sensor based world and we are living in it
Posted by _rahuls - comments

Find a co-founder or side project buddy
Posted by makemoves - comments

ZipLocate, a free API for zip code geolocation
Posted by nathancahill - comments

Get todos in your code in GitHub Issues
Posted by izqui - comments

Simple Example on How to Use an Objective-C CocoaPod in Swift
Posted by kidmar - comments

Tips to make your website go viral
Posted by tempest12 - comments

Green Honey (visualization of Wiki color entry)
Posted by muyueh - comments

Live location based messaging board
Posted by Shout_App - comments

Fragment, a new kind of photo editing app for Android
Posted by rharter - comments

Hamwerk, a hyper-specialized to-do list for homework
Posted by mathphreak - comments Hybrid IaaS/Docker Orchestation Running on CoreOS
Posted by darren0 - comments Hybrid IaaS/Docker Orchestation Running on CoreOS
Posted by darren0 - comments

IQ News – Tinder for News
Posted by cpuri - comments – Instant Stripe Notifications
Posted by hookedio - comments

HubHub – a GitHub issues and PR client for iPhone
Posted by sawaali - comments

My partner and I created the only app you will ever need
Posted by Manapp - comments

Album-Release “8-bit” Raycaster in JavaScript
Posted by hunterloftis - comments

WhereTheyAt – Map of your friends based on shared Facebook data
Posted by EngVagabond - comments

ShellJS Recipes – Because complex build systems are overrated
Posted by fks - comments

Publius, an iOS app to anonymously contact the government
Posted by czahor - comments

TheStocks – the best royalty free stock photos in one place
Posted by ahmetsulek - comments

Jumpstart Your Business (Free)
Posted by inphocus - comments

Encrypted pastebin with Bitcoin ad network
Posted by DanBlake - comments

Pentumble – My First Indie Game [iOS,Mac]
Posted by Corun - comments – Instant Stripe Notifications
Posted by hookedio - comments

Duo – a next-generation package manager for the front-end
Posted by matthewmueller - comments

Codessentials, Programming resources by language and type (wip)
Posted by sulami - comments

Hyper-relevant content discovery, curation and publishing
Posted by michael_oz - comments

Exertit- Create and organize workouts (iOS)
Posted by hsieh814 - comments

Try Riding the Boosted Board for Free in SF
Posted by danielfriedman - comments

Real-time Online Market for Services
Posted by loupereira - comments

Bitwoot, one-Bitcoin daily deals
Posted by buu700 - comments

My first Android app – a Product Hunt client
Posted by qrazhan - comments

User-friendly privacy for families
Posted by naskwo - comments

A partial clone of the Dots game in JavaScript
Posted by vinicius - comments

journi, a free travel journal iPhone app that I put all my money on
Posted by papauschek - comments

Introducing Silence Detection in the Wit.AI iOS SDK
Posted by lasryaric - comments

Issue tracking for tasks in your code
Posted by izqui - comments

Implementing your own UART hardware with Python (MyHDL)
Posted by aprdm - comments

Got so many Twitter Apps and SDKs to manage, so we built this easy API
Posted by fouademi - comments

(very) Simple tool for creating polls
Posted by nicohvi - comments

Snippet Repo – Stop rewriting code, store snippets in a repository
Posted by jonobird1 - comments

A fast image processing library for Haskell
Posted by raphaelj - comments

HeyMom – Helping you send cards to your mom
Posted by heymom - comments

A virtual whiteboard for working or teaching remotely
Posted by MarkMc - comments

Discover new movies and revisit old ones with every new tab
Posted by goyalpulkit - comments

Shou.TV – iOS and Android screen recording and broadcasting
Posted by vecio - comments – The layer between your app and your database
Posted by chrift - comments

Write your React.js components with safety and easy debugging
Posted by gcanti - comments

Asana reporting dashboard and weekly report
Posted by jkaljundi - comments

Free social media publishing for teams
Posted by alecsmart1 - comments

The 1st app made with Uber API: UberExplore
Posted by grigio - comments

Daaaily, Discrete news tracking aggregator
Posted by painflop - comments

Bumpvalue – shake or click to race your friends and the world
Posted by ymodulo - comments

Engineering Blog Collection (in progress)
Posted by mwermuth - comments

Drop-in sticky headers and footers for UICollectionView
Posted by paramaggarwal - comments

Perspective Mockups – Hipster-as-f*&k perspectives for your mockups
Posted by simoncoulton - comments

NgTree to build tree with AngularJS
Posted by robinbressan - comments

Team task manager
Posted by kevinwithnall - comments

I've always wanted an Uber Android widget
Posted by brotchie - comments

TacoShell, my dead-simple iOS HTTP Client
Posted by kidmar - comments

My First iOS SpriteKit Game (open source)
Posted by rohitv - comments

Following Kevin Rose's lead, introducing my new project n0rth
Posted by Elof - comments