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This is an aggregation of 'Show HN:' Hacker News posts scraped from the new stories feed every couple minutes. By Ben Wasser.

The Flick Attributor
Posted by Octplane - comments

World's First Practical, Pure Functional Game Engine
Posted by DrDimension - comments

NYT – A Node.js wrapper for the New York Times API, my first npm module
Posted by czarlos - comments

Strobie – strobe tuner for Mac
Posted by dsego - comments

Cron SaaS is Open Source, feedback wanted
Posted by Drei01Matt - comments

Founder Weekly – Must Reads for Entrepreneurs
Posted by semikolon - comments

Il Cucinario – A free cookbook app of authentic Italian recipes
Posted by zerobudgetdev - comments

Battleboat.js – A robot that plays battleship
Posted by Kortaggio - comments

Waves.js – Text animation in JavaScript
Posted by megalodon - comments

9GAG client app for Windows 8
Posted by codefatherio - comments

Madrasa – A community for Autodidacts
Posted by mcnabj - comments

WebMTG, manage Magic the Gathering games, tournaments and decks
Posted by bartzon - comments

Signature Maker (my weekend experiment)
Posted by rk0567 - comments

Sedge, templating and sharing of SSH config
Posted by angrygoat - comments

ShopMyApp Photoshop extractor
Posted by shopmyapp - comments
Posted by thoughtpalette - comments

CasePlum – Custom-printed iPhone 6 Cases
Posted by neilsharma - comments

GitHub trash, Quickly remove your GitHub repo
Posted by kureikain - comments

Taskulu – A platform to manage teams and projects
Posted by farhadhf - comments

The claims are real. I've been working on it for two years
Posted by bozertron - comments

Camduck – Video chat, games, friend list
Posted by Camduck - comments

Airypi – a simple way to control your Raspberry Pi from a browser
Posted by airypi - comments

Mocaroni, Prototype a web API, auto-generate a mock server and docs
Posted by mrmicahcooper - comments

Modernizer-maven-plugin detects use of legacy Java APIs
Posted by gaul - comments

The most seamless password manager
Posted by adampassword - comments

Pinner for Pinboard – updated and enhanced for iOS 8
Posted by samoakley - comments

Pinnin – A simple Pinboard client for iPhone
Posted by rjsamson - comments

Barcode Scanner via MMS
Posted by xur17 - comments

Count unique number of lines of code per person in your SVN
Posted by zeratul - comments

Gotabulate – Easily beautify your data with tables
Posted by bndr - comments

STEM Premier's new product video
Posted by xyclos - comments

View / diff files in zfs snapshots
Posted by j-keck - comments

Posted by lettergram - comments

I couldn't hire map designers, so I made these procedural worlds
Posted by adrenochrome - comments

Ultralancer – An exclusive network for the world's top freelancers
Posted by othmanaba - comments

Framework for aspect-oriented programming with AngularJS
Posted by own3r - comments

Blockr – My first game in the Apple app store here are some promo codes
Posted by bulkan - comments

Rate my new HTML5 game, please
Posted by renas - comments

Test responsive layout, powered by AngularJS + Bootstrap 3
Posted by nghuuphuoc - comments

We built a site to find the best neighborhood to stay at in new places
Posted by fozzieBoston - comments

GPS Tycoon, New game where you compete to own land on Google maps
Posted by david - comments

The Best UX Links Each Week to Your Inbox
Posted by beachminter - comments

Our new gamedev asset store
Posted by ScirraTom - comments

Share chess positions and moves
Posted by cygx - comments

Lightweight navigation tool powered by fuzzy search
Posted by lauriswtf - comments

Semiconductors for beginners
Posted by kumarski - comments

GiLA – Visualizing how issue labels are used in GitHub projects
Posted by softmodeling - comments

Reddit + HN Keyword tracker
Posted by aakilfernandes - comments

Pixite Photo Kit (our first app bundle)
Posted by gregalbritton - comments, Google Analytics for social media
Posted by lgsilver - comments

Rapid electronics prototyping on your desk
Posted by moubarak - comments – Multi-dimensional Column-based ToDo List
Posted by waynesilby - comments

PHP and Audio.js playlist generator
Posted by suprjami - comments

oncert by and for the Fans, immersive gig videos
Posted by eclictik - comments

Fyne – Spotify for restaurant discovery
Posted by ramanshrivastav - comments

Berlin Hacker News
Posted by bresc - comments

Chat for Trello
Posted by paularsen - comments

KinoHunt – Movie price tracker to help you watch online movies for less
Posted by ianlin - comments

Top 1k Coders using WakaTime
Posted by welder - comments

Posted by timl88 - comments

Server configuration made easy
Posted by seguer - comments

I Remember My First Time – Share fun and informative 1st time experiences
Posted by IRMFT - comments

Monitor SSH Activity on Your Server with Papertrail and Saved Searches
Posted by tlongren - comments

The Little Book
Posted by quarterto - comments

ChromeTeX – View Rendered LaTeX Files in Chrome
Posted by adelq - comments

A Web Based Measurement Tool
Posted by shravan - comments

Remboard – Brainstorm and manage tasks simply and remotely
Posted by nherzing - comments

Does It Fit in My Car?
Posted by eglover - comments

Interactive Website I did
Posted by aeon10 - comments

RSS Feeds for HN, Show HN and Ask HN, by Number of Comments or Points
Posted by gighi - comments

Random Git – Refresh to discover another open source library or tool
Posted by paulborza - comments

Paste a link to an article, get a minimal version to read
Posted by mpgarate - comments

Relisten to the extensive live catalogues of over 75 bands
Posted by switz - comments

Sql-migrate: SQL migrations for Go
Posted by rubenv - comments

Style – A very small, responsive style sheet
Posted by 127001brewer - comments

Predicting what user reviews are about(LDA and gensim) – code on GitHub
Posted by tarabos - comments

Track Keywords on Hacker News and Reddit
Posted by grimtrigger - comments

Skylight – Cross Platform Card Swipe for NYC Apartments
Posted by mliso - comments

Play Android: Netrunner in your browser
Posted by mtgred - comments

Rebuilding Stackoverflow with AngularJS
Posted by giuliano84 - comments

Automating things has never been so easy
Posted by kidmar - comments

Localmint - Quickly find local store opening hours
Posted by oisin - comments

Report4Me – Automated network abuse reporting
Posted by patrikj - comments

Easy-to-use Objective-C wrapper for AAC audio conversion
Posted by jchernan - comments

Essential Dynamic DNS
Posted by slimdns - comments – A new way to read web articles
Posted by lloydjennings - comments

Interactive Time Lapse Map for Major Earthquakes on Earth Since 1900
Posted by eminaz - comments

Text and Sentiment Analysis Add-on for Google Spreadsheets
Posted by parsabg - comments

LastRoom – The smartest travel booking solution for SMBs
Posted by josuegio - comments

iHi for iOS
Posted by benhowdle - comments

Localization Grader for Mobile Apps
Posted by vincentchan - comments

Explore tilings of the hyperbolic plane by moving the mouse
Posted by tim_hutton - comments

CSS3 Rotate Menu
Posted by neoberg - comments

App to Phone Calling Using JavaScript
Posted by kwaimind - comments

Prevent your free Heroku app from ever falling asleep again
Posted by Podeau - comments

Jam with friends - Piano app written in AngularJS
Posted by sidi - comments

Automatic Ghost Blog Hosting
Posted by hosterlinux - comments

Quickly tag and classify gifs for dogecoins
Posted by jlkalberer - comments

Brocast, chrome extension for live streaming your desktop
Posted by jawerty - comments

Hyperlapse Visualization
Posted by shrikar - comments