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One Sentence Startup Pitches (Bot)
Posted by webo - comments

Fitsync, sync data between Fitbit and Google Fit
Posted by tantalor - comments

URL shortening to minimize NSFW accidents
Posted by transitorykris - comments

This might be the best Google Chrome extension ever
Posted by arieltci - comments

Curated Amazon Tech Deals
Posted by abdophoto - comments

MGen – Serialization for C++,Java,JavaScript – first release, MIT lic
Posted by GiGurra - comments

Stichy – Collaborative picture and video slideshows
Posted by jmjerlecki - comments

Making a better calorie counter app than Myfitnesspal
Posted by gx - comments

Interactive Online Books: Non Flash
Posted by satvik1985 - comments

Beard Baubles photo filter, my first android app
Posted by nyddle - comments

Game of the Amazons on iOS devices – using j2objc
Posted by thehung - comments

Greshunkel, the worst document templating language
Posted by Pfiffer - comments

Happy Holidays from Clari
Posted by cr4zy - comments

Simple handwriting calculator for iOS
Posted by pyankoff - comments

An universal app banner that deep links on first install
Posted by mada299 - comments

The problem with the epsilon greedy method
Posted by crobertsbmw - comments

The problem with the epsilon greedy method
Posted by crobertsbmw - comments

EOS SDK – write apps for your datacenter switches
Posted by mrmaddog - comments

The world's most simple monitoring service
Posted by vruiz - comments

Bootstrap Datepicker Add-On for Responsive Mobile Device Support
Posted by niftylettuce - comments

Bootstrap Datepicker Mobile Add-On
Posted by niftylettuce - comments

Pure CSS buttons with fluid animation
Posted by kiraken - comments integration for Slack
Posted by ingridod - comments

Asteroid Squad yet Another Asteroids on Steroids Game
Posted by moacir - comments

BankLocal – where you bank matters
Posted by zapnap - comments

My new online course walks you through creating an entire Laravel app
Posted by acoleman616 - comments

Text “carols” to 907.312.1412 for Christmas carol lyrics
Posted by gregorymichael - comments

Simple iOS App for content aware image resizing
Posted by stollcri - comments

Posted by akumpf - comments

Arduino Controlled Christmas Lights
Posted by timl88 - comments

Make It Rain – Gif notifications whenever you get paid through Stripe
Posted by fitztrev - comments

TM-Town (matching translators to jobs based on prior work)
Posted by diasks2 - comments

Neonto is a visual tool for creating native iOS and Android UIs
Posted by pavlov - comments – Talent Matchmaking and Get Hired by Hacking
Posted by markhacka - comments

Jenkins developer-friendly Client in Go
Posted by bndr - comments

“Practice Makes Python,” an ebook for after your first Python class
Posted by reuven - comments

Header-only debug module for c++11
Posted by porphyry3 - comments

Audio noise removal app
Posted by dangerden - comments

Vertical Farm Energy Calculator
Posted by thangalin - comments

ScrumBLD – A Network for Building Products Together
Posted by neil321 - comments

Lottery of Birth
Posted by stockkid - comments

Multipart and enhanced mail messages for Go
Posted by mohamedattahri - comments

House of Chance, a Game of Thrones Inspired Bitcoin Game
Posted by alequo - comments

Thread safe Jedis client
Posted by nachivpn - comments

Codeship Desktop Notifications with Shipscope
Posted by manualwise - comments

Datamounter. Mount json using FUSE and generate them using Ansible
Posted by straphka - comments

Peplaunch – pre-accelerator program for budding entrepreneurs
Posted by jitnut - comments

CameraFTP – Turn any device into a virtual security camera
Posted by maaacheww - comments

Delegated–scale the things that don't scale
Posted by giordanobd - comments

iOS Language Learning Game Designed Around Natural Language Generation
Posted by DoctorZeus - comments

InterviewPad – Really simple interview feedback for interviewers
Posted by king_magic - comments

Salsa – something spicy about your startup life
Posted by ychw - comments

Shift – Photo filters designed by you
Posted by gregalbritton - comments

I've made a music [remix] to help me concentrate while working
Posted by payamb - comments

New Data: A Field Guide, My First Book on LeanPub
Posted by virmundi - comments

Shipway – Docker build service with GitHub integration
Posted by grosskur - comments

Dynamic graph connectivity data structure
Posted by 33a - comments

TractionVC – Weekly Growth Challenges for Product-Focused-Entrepreneurs
Posted by jibly - comments

Material UI Color Selector
Posted by techaddict009 - comments

Künstler – An easy-to-use GitHub commit graph art maker
Posted by ggruiz - comments

DialZoo for iOS. Call emails(for free), not phones
Posted by SebP - comments

Tcomb-form – React.js UI library for developing forms writing less code
Posted by gcanti - comments

Run Haskell Online
Posted by thejew - comments

Emoji Type – keyboard for iOS that autosuggests emojis as you type
Posted by davidkmckinney - comments

Wysihtml – open source cross-platform rich text editor for web apps
Posted by olla - comments

OpenPull: Fetches Open Pull-Requests for an Organisation from GitHub
Posted by madsohm - comments

An AngularJS directive to dynamically scroll to an element on your page
Posted by brandonbarker - comments

Game gift – send a personalised game instead of a card
Posted by spencerwalden - comments

The Poseidon Ensemble – Earthquake Music
Posted by struct78 - comments

antsy – Sweet interpolated ANSI strings (for Python)
Posted by willyg302 - comments

Random imgur Album Browser
Posted by benbristow - comments

Get free, unique Christmas music for your videos
Posted by edrex1 - comments

Just Released Social Reading/Writing App – Plottio. Feedback, Please?
Posted by mchamkin - comments

Posted by hughlang - comments

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Redesign Built with Node.js
Posted by morenoh149 - comments

New site that tells users if and when an airfare will go up or down
Posted by FLYR - comments

Slack Chats – A place to discover and share private Slack groups
Posted by jeffmorrisjr - comments

Material Palette - Material Design color palette generator
Posted by mattaus - comments

My first startup making premium long distance cyclewear
Posted by yuvaraman - comments

Open-source password-based notes encryption
Posted by groomiac - comments

TradeSafe, Know Your Customer
Posted by rorygreig - comments

Tagged memory and minion cores in the lowRISC SoC
Posted by asb - comments

BeerSwift – Faster, easier Untappd beer check-ins
Posted by dotnetkow - comments

Ski and snowboard mountain conditions + skier Instagrams
Posted by hpoydar - comments

SOVND, an OSS replacement for
Posted by GeorgeHahn - comments

Subspace – Chromium-based secure remote access to sensitive work data
Posted by jeremy_spiegel - comments

“Building Software Products in a Weekend” Free EBook
Posted by mkremer90 - comments
Posted by wowsig - comments

My new online course walks you through creating an entire Laravel app
Posted by acoleman616 - comments

Zmon Zalando Database Monitoring Tool
Posted by nickdotmulder - comments

An interactive comparison chart of the 300 most popular smartphones
Posted by no_gravity - comments

Sprig Wordpress Theme Using the Twig PHP Engine for Theme Development
Posted by ebilgenius - comments

Sprig Wordpress Starter Theme – Build Themes Quickly with Twig
Posted by ebilgenius - comments

Timehop for dead people
Posted by solarmemory - comments

Soundbounce – A collaborative, social Spotify player for Windows
Posted by pdaddyo - comments

Horntell (Making your users pay is hard. We can help.) ;)
Posted by mamoriamohit - comments

Dull – The best of the Internet in one app
Posted by bramk - comments

What colour is it in Tao3D
Posted by c3d - comments now let you list your device as 'for sell'
Posted by AJ-Ryner - comments

Paperless.IO: prototype to create bootstrap grids by dragging the mouse
Posted by cmbaus - comments